Commercial carpet cleaning

Did you know that we also specialize in commercial carpet cleaning? We serve plenty of customers in Elmhurst, but we are always looking for new clients. We can clean any commercial carpet in any building. We have portable machines for those hard to reach places, but most of our work is done with truck mounted equipment. We also have a night crew that can come after hours and clean carpets overnight which is great for restaurants and busy day places. Give us a call for free estimates 630-359-3840

Red Carpet Stains?

Did you know that red stains can be the most difficult stains to remove? Stains like red wine, blood, cranberry juice are the toughest to get out. We have several cleaning methods and special tricks for those hard to remove stains.

Having a difficult time getting rid of those red stains? Give us a call 630-359-3840.

How do you know if you need to clean your air ducts?

One of the first signs that you might need your air ducts cleaned is excessive accumulation of dust around the house. Another good indicator that the air ducts are dirty is a dirty supply/return vent ( like the one pictured below). You can also stick a camera inside of a vent and take a picture with flash and u will see how dust the vent it. Also you can always call Kornelia, we do free video inspections 630-359-3840

Car interior cleaning

Do you have dirty upholstery in your car? Does your carpet inside your car smell funny? Did you pet have an accident in your car? NO Problem! We clean all types of car interior not only that we can also clean RV’s, boats and trucks. Our prices are very competitive and we price match. Call us for details

Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that we can clean just your traffic areas without moving furniture? This method of cleaning is very useful for so called touch up cleanings. We would mainly focus on the areas where there is the most traffic in the house like stairs, entry ways and halls. We do have a minimum service charge so before ordering this type of cleaning please make sure its something that’s worth doing.