Dirty car mats?

Have you tried everything to clean your car mats and the white spots are just not coming out? Well we can help! Kornelia can clean your mats with our truck mounted equipment or we can run them through our special area rug cleaning machine. Not only that we can also clean the upholstery in your car. We can clean both leather and fabric. Give us a call for free estimates!

Air Duct Cleaning FAQ’s

When should I clean my air ducts?
- air duct cleaning should be done every 2-3 years. Unless the house undergoes construction, there are pets in the house or in an water damage emergency the ducts should be cleaned more often or at least inspected.

How to find the best duct cleaners?
- look for someone that is local and with experience. Make sure to stay away from ads like $75.00 entire house duct cleaning because those are a scam.

How should I prepare for duct cleaning?
- please allow easy excess to the air vents (supply and return) our company will take care of the rest. We would like to mention that the cleaning process is not messy. Everything that we collect from the air vents goes straight into our vacuum.


Scotchgard Protection

Did you know that once carpets are manufactured they are covered with scotchgard protection? Not every manufacturer does this but the better ones do. It helps the carpet stay cleaner for longer and protect it from those hard to remove stains. Once carpets are cleaned or when the scotchgard wears off it should be reapplied again.

How accurate are reviews?

Anyone can spot a fake review online, but some people still fall for it! If the deal you are getting sounds too good to be true, it most likely is! Do your research before hiring someone to clean your carpets. Call few companies and get an estimated cost of cleaning. See if the carpet cleaning company you are about to hire moves furniture? Do they apply carpet protector? Do they use products that are safe for children? We can guarantee that no one can beat our price for the service we provide. Call us for more info 630-359-3840

Power washing!

Need someone to power wash your driveway, deck or sidewalk? You have found the right place. We do it all! What sets Kornelia apart from out competitors is our hot water pressure washer! Hot water under 4000 PSI gets rid of all the stains normal pressure washer cant! Our schedule is very flexible call us for details.