Red Carpet Stains?

Did you know that red stains can be the most difficult stains to remove? Stains like red wine, blood, cranberry juice are the toughest to get out. We have several cleaning methods and special tricks for those hard to remove stains.

Having a difficult time getting rid of those red stains? Give us a call 630-359-3840.

Elmhurst Carpet Cleaning Savings and more…

Are you looking for a local carpet cleaner in Elmhurst? Do your air ducts need to be cleaned? Maybe your upholstery needs to be refreshed? Well you found the right place at Kornelia in Elmhurst we can take care of your cleaning needs.
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Video Vs. Written Reviews

I think we can all agree that video reviews are a lot more credible when comparing them to the standard written ones. We all know those 5 star companies with 100′s of perfect (fake) reviews. Sometimes its easy to distinguish fake from real reviews, and sometimes its not. We at Kornelia ask our customers to give their honest opinions about our service/company. We don’t offer any special discounts for giving reviews, the reviews are not scripted and 100% honest. Here is an example

more to come…













Did you know we also specialize in other services?

At Kornelia in Elmhurst we also clean: Area Rugs, Upholstery, Air Ducts, Tile and Grout. We an help you with your water damage restoration and help you pick and install new carpet. For more information please call 630-359-3840

If you need help with your water damage emergency our certified experts are avalible 24/7

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Did you get your carpets cleaned yet?

The weather is perfect now, it seems like we are going straight into summer =] This beautiful weather is perfect for having your carpets cleaned, the carpets only take 6-8 hours to fully dry! If you haven’t had your air ducts cleaned yet this is a perfect time. Get your air ducts cleaned before you start using AC units.