Thinking about air duct cleaning?

We have been in the air duct cleaning business for quite some time and over the  last few years its becoming more and more popular. At the beginning air duct cleaning was our secondary service next to carpet cleaning. Nowadays we do as many air duct cleaning jobs as we clean carpets. If you need to clean your air ducts give us a call at 630-359-3840 and don’t forget to ask us about our packages.

Kornelia Carpet & Air Duct Cleaners of Elmhurst
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Elmhurst, IL 60126

Dirty Upholstery? No problem!

At Kornelia in Elmhurst we specialize in cleaning upholstery with all kinds of fibers (Cotton, Haitian Cotton, Cotton Canvas, Polished Cotton, Raw Silk, Satin Silk, Linen, Wool, Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, Acrylic or Microfiber) don’t throw away your dirty couch call Kornelia and have it restored to like new conditions. We can also clean loveseats, ottomans, sofas, sectionals; pretty much anything that is fabric. On top of that we can also clean your car upholstery and the carpet inside of your car. Call us for free estimates 630-359-3840